With some outlaws in Calico town
Old chuck wagon in Silver City
A picture near the entry of the Sequoia National park
Under the redwood tunnel
Marina measures the Redwood tree.
Bakersfield, open air museum
Hwy 49
Gold wash pans


Steam engine in Jamestown
Our hotel the St. George in Volcano
Pony express station in el dorado
Cable car in San Fransisco
Rainforest Cafe
Old Sacramento


School house in Virginia City
Gary Teel, stage coach driver, Virginia City
"Wooden Bear farm" in Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Sitting in an old house in Bodie

Mono Lake




Cuddle time with bear


Coolest summer day in Death Valley


Old wagon for the borax transport



With an Old car in Shoshoni
Hoover dam
Las Vegas






America – in a different way


My husband Martin, my daughter Marina and my grown up sons Maik and Matthew and I are big America-Fans. It is me in particular who is interested in the wild west. It all started with facebook and the „Wild West Group“  and the friends you meet there. I was with Martin and Marina in the States twice and visited some Facebook friends of mine.



The first trip in 2014 took us to Las Vegas. From there we flew over the Grand Canyon. Awesome! Afterwards we drove through Calico Town a Ghost Town for tourists to Barstow. From there we went to the Red Rock Canyon and Silver City which is a collection of buildings of the Gold Rush. After that we went to Bakersfield where an outdoor museum can be visited. We spent the night in Three Rivers, the last station before the Sequoia National Park. We took the Hwy 49. Along the hwy we passed the towns Mariposa, Sonora,Angels Camp, Calaveras County, Jackson and Sutter Creek.


We stayed overnight in Volcano in the St. George. It is an old hotel. We were all alone, because almost all guests only spend their weekends there. The hotel and the Hwy 49 was recommended by my good friend Bill Cleghorn, whom I once again want to thank for.



Then traveling through Sutter Creek, Plymouth, El Dorado and Placerville to San Francisco. Unfortunately my friend Jonathon Lipsin was staying in Spain this time. So he could only recommend me some places of interests that I would have never visited  like the Rainforest Café.


We left after three days through Old Sacramento a wonderful old Cowboy town and Auburn, Grass Valley, Nevada City to Reno. Our first destination to meet Facebook Friends.  I was in contact with A.M. news, which is a radio station in Nevada, during the whole time. You can call there during the mornig program and tell them about the weather and news items. Or you can just horsing around, that the way Americans are. If you want an example for horsing around at A.M. News and the Wynema Ranch  with Eddie and Dennis look below:

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The web page of the radio station is :  http://americamatters.us/ .You can listen to the radio show by http://amm.streamon.fm/.  


Or you can go on the Internet facebook page:


or go on Eddie Floyds page




We visited the Wynema Ranch a Wild Horse Sanctuary the next day and paid Shari and Eddie Floyd and two volunteers a visit. Shari and Eddie are real animal-loving people and have a non-profit business the horse sanctuary.



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Mustangs are feral horses roaming wild and free through the USA. But there are some problems with the rancher and the government who chase the Mustangs and transport them to Canada and Europe for slaughter. That often happens in a cruel kind of way. They belong to the USA though, without the horses there hadn’t been wagon trains in the west.


The internet page of the Wynema Ranch tells all about the Mustangs and their rescue by Wynema Ranch and the Let 'hem Run Foundation. Donations can be made by paypal and credit card.


Now I want to introduce you the kind soul of the Wynema Ranch Shari Floyd. She runs the ranch and is in charge and does the whole bunch of work almost all alone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thank you for doing this!



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We went from the Wynema Ranch to my favorite town, Virginia City. Silver resources in the 19 century had made the town famous.

Gary Teel was a stagecoach driver (he is now retired). The coach is drawn by 4 horses and I actually wanted to ride on it. But unfortunately the wheel was broken.


We stayed in Virginia City for  2 days and left on Monday Morning for the radio station in the Reno Town Mall to spend three hours on the air. It was great. We met Eddie Floyd the host of the show and Dennis Romeo. There were a few more people present. Michael Cutt who used to be an actor and is now a screen script player. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0193991/and Kelly Rush a manager of the radio station.


People who have dedicated their life to the wild mustangs arrived about noon. But first of all „Mustang matters“ a radio show took place with Country Western Singer Star Lacy J. Dalton.  


Afterwards the people talked during the lunch about the difficult situation .The Horse Santuary is a non profit business, that means nothing is left for Shari or Eddie. She supplementary feeds the more than 130 horses  with hay due to the poor soil. Hay is scarce good in California and Nevada and a bale of hale costs between 15 and 20 $ and feeds on horse fora week. The horses must be watering, therefore a water pump and gasoline is needed.


Actually the Mustangs could graze on the government grasslands but that can do the cattle of the cattle rancher also. And therefore they get in each others way. That means the Mustangs were chased and catched and kept under the worst circumstances until they were finally brought to transport for slaughter.Therefore she offered her ranch to the horses.  



Kristayn Harris, Harold Roy Miller, Lacy J. Dalton

They organize a lot of Charity events all for the benefit of the horses.With the active support of Lacy J. Dalton co-founder of the Let 'hem runfoundation lots of events take place. Even the country singer Michael Martin Murphey performs as well as the famos cowboy poet Harold Roy Miller. Kristyn Harris helped as well, she is a very young country singer.


Yes, he is so tall and the women so short.

5"2 and 6"5.

Country star Michael Martin Murphey with Eddie Floyd in the Red dog saloon un Virginia City, Nevada. 

He calls in from time to time to Nevada Matters too, annother talk-show by Eddie Floyd.  Here is the link to a recorded version in which he called in.

Click on the link and insert the following User ID and password:

UserID: show

Password (case sensitive): Show




Michael Martin Murphey and Eddie



We continued our journey to Lake Tahoe where we stayed for 4 days. Then through Carson City  and Bodie, the best preserved Ghost town of California to the Mono Lake.


Finally we drove through Goldhill and Goldfield,Tonapah and a few almost Ghost Towns to the Death Valley. We caught the coolest summer day in 20 years, 83 degrees Fahrenheit, around 30 degrees Celsius. Normally there are 110 degrees Fahrenheit, about 45 degrees Celsius in August.


We went back to Las Vegas through the desert and visited the Hoover dam andflew back to Germany on August the 6.th.









The second trip leaded us at first to Las Vegas . On July the 3 th we went to the Bryce Canyon and stayed overnight in Page.


We attended the 4. th Juli Parade in Kayenta and went to the monument valley. My daughter and I participated on a horse back tour. My husband prefered a Jeep tour. Afterwards we left to Canyon de Chelly. From there followed a never ending trip to the Grand Canyon. We spend the night in Flagstaff and arrived after passing through Jerome an almost Ghost Town and Sedona and Prescott Mesa.



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We met my good friend Gary Peterson in Mesa and spent  a wonderful evening and a wonderful day together. He is a native artist and makes wonderful artwork. s

I got several presents from him and I want to thank you for that! 


After then we travelled through Goldfield, a gold mining  Ghost Town, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, an old copper mining Town to Tombestone. Tombestone  is a tourist attraction,  but gorgeous.


Finally we made it to Tuscon. We  met Jack N. Young an 88 year old former western Stuntman and Technical Director. We have been Facebook friends for 2 years and arranged a meeting in IHOP.  (Click on the pic and you get to the IMDb register.)



Jack N. Young


We  met the country singer Buck Helton in Tucson, where Jack had been working for years. He performed in the saloon.



We were on our way to Yuma and Oatman back to Las Vegas. We went to Reno and had dinner with Eddie and got informed about the ongoing projects on the Wynema Ranch. We were from 6 to 9 in the studio of A.M. News life on the air. Like at our previous tour I was in contact from Monday to Friday with A.M. News and reported about our journey. Now I was again live on air. That was awesome! Afterwards we went for breakfast with Dennis Romeo and walked through the Reno Town Mall. This mall was closed before due to the bad economy.



A spezial shop is Buy Nevada First, a shop which supports the local business. That is important because the Nevada economy hasn’t fully recovered yet after the economy crisis.  http://www.buynevadafirst.com/



(Please klick on the page) 

Buy Nevada first


















Harold Roy Miller

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I met there Horsebard and cowboy poet Harold Roy Miller who has dedicated his life to the cowboy poetry. We often goes up in the hills and takes pictures of the Mustangs and gives them names.


He had put up a few Horse videos on you tube.







Beside the calls in workdays to AM News I called once the Captain’s America. He is located in Tampa Florida.  http://thecaptainsamerica.podomatic.com/  


We enjoyed the meetings with the Americans very much. It was interesting to look behind the scenes and to see the real America. It is not the land for nothing, it is contrasting. Poor and rich man often live in direct neighborhood. Astonishing is how the Americans take their life, easy going.




By the way we sponsor a filly. This is a baby picture of her. 



Her name is Tousy






Next year it will be California again.








Bobby Palermo and his Song Make America great again!

 This song is made by Bobby Palermo:

Click on the picture!









Las Vegas
Silver Reef, Mining Museum
Silver Reef, Mining Museum
On the way to Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon
Parade for the 4. July in Kayenta
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Spider Rock in Canyon the Chelly
Canyon de Chelly
Grand Canyon
Wild West Restaurant near the Grand Canyon
Wild West Restaurant near the Grand Canyon
Saloon in Jerome



Goldfield, Arizona
Near Goldfield, Arizona
In a stage coach in Tombestone
sign in Tombestone
OK Corral in Tombestone
With a few Outlaws in Tuscon
My daughter in Yuma in the joint
Oatman and the donkeys
With Trooper Dave at the radio station in Reno



















Las Vegas
Silver Reef, Mining Museum


Silver Reef, Mining Museum
Auf dem Weg zum Bryce Canyon


Bryce Canyon


Parade zum 4. Juli in Kayenta
Monument Valley



Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Spyder Rock in Canyon de Chelly
Canyon de Chelly
Grand Canyon



Restaurant in der Nähe vom Grand Canyon


Restaurant in der Nähe vom Grand Canyon


Saloon in Jerome


Goldfield, Arizona



Near Goldfield, Arizona



In einer Postkutsche in Tombestone


Schild in Tombestone
O.K. Korall in Tombestone


Mit ein paar Outlaws in Tuscon
Meine Tochter im Knast


Oatman und die Esel



Mit Trouper Dave im Sender in Reno